Friday, January 15, 2010


My girlfriend, who both enjoys and is fantastic at taking pictures, has set a challange of takng a picture a day. I, having reicieved a camera for christmas thought i would join in on the challange.
i have no program for editing photo's so here are a few of my "raw" shots.

Monday, October 5, 2009


just because i have a vagina it is assumed i can cook, clean, give birth, have a set of boobs just waiting to be grabbed by my husband, to be a taxi for the kids, be on the PTA, and am expected, if you believe the media, to look like a 17 year old.

well i have a vagina.....i hate and am horrible at cooking.....this makes my husband a hero because he likes and does the cooking

i have a vagina...........and i clean, have given birth three times, and do have boobs. my face enjoys the kiss and caress 1000 times more than my boobs for anyone who cares! I do feel like a child taxi service most of the time, am an ex PTA member, and will NEVER look like i did when i was 17!

i have a vagina and am able to tile my own backsplash, use a power drill, wet tile cutter, and a miter saw. i can frame walls, put up insulation, and hang drywall! and i can do a great job at it!!

i am frustrated at the simple fact that if one has a penis it is automattically assumed you can do any do-it-yourself project...........and if you do any steriotypical "vagina" work... you are amazing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a summer over and so is september almost

YEAH YEAH!! time flies.....i must be having fun!
so summer was spent driving. i drove to beaverlodge 9 hours twice this summer. Once to visit my maternal grandparents...once to lay to rest my paternal grandmother.
we also drove down to wasington state to Whidbey Isalnd...about a 2 hour ferry ride from Vancouver.....beautiful. while there we were told we were only 2 hour drive from Forks.....yeah you read that right Twilight fans......check these out!!
now that the kids havwe been in school for a month we are back to schedules, homework and have already added hockey, volleyball, and my dance.
yes! MY dance. i have decided this is the year i am taking both hip hop and jazz....ok for exercise because thats what all adults say.....but the real reason is because i want to dance like Michael Jackson did!!
i also have decided i need more creativity in my life. it is hard to find time for everythig. but we do what we can.
today i painted two old pictures i had laying aroud. i painted them a solid color to prep them to turn into new pictures. we are also trying to finish our basement in our free time......i always seem to have a few projects on the go at all times. although my mind feels full and at times i feel overwhelmed.....i must thrive on this as it is my norm.
the next two days will be full of hockey and then friends.....some needed adult socializing!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


my kids and i went to visit my grandparents in Beaverlodge this past few days. my youngest bought himself a we were playing photographers...

this is the brusing from my grandma's broken arm. she fell off a broken stair on her friends motorhome



this is my favorite......a bug eaten perfect heart on this leaf


Thursday, July 2, 2009


well it was canada day! beautiful weather. and i am not even sure how old we are.

our day was spent in different ways. the boys went swimming, mariah spent time at kinsmen park with a friend taking in the activites, then went to a football game.

canada day shares space with FREE AGENT NHL thing. and it lasts ALL DAY!

we have learnt that not very many players are willing to play for the Edmonton oliers team....

i had the unfortunate experience of finding my rental house in a disgusting dissaray.........

but we all ended the night enjoying the FANTASTIC FIREWORKS at kinsmen park last night!

WOW!! it lasted 15 min! it was great!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


so my latest intrest is the stock market.........i do not pretend to understand how such a virtual world works........i just like it!
i am not formally educated in investmets, but have managed to make a little money in the past few months.
if anyone has any tips, knowledge, or secrets........please feel free to let me know.

i also am trying to "put out there" that i am going to move into calgary this summer by winning the show home offered by the Childrens hospital home lotto

if you would like to look at my home go to and click on menu and grand prize.

you may also go look at it by visiting it at 91 panatella view nw calgary.

i am so sure that we will be moving i have ordered address stickers with the above address on them!

life can be so fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


There is something about june that arrises a mixed bag of feelings in me similar to december. excitement of school ending so the lunch making ends, the crying over homework ends, the backpacks laying around the house ends, the morning broken record of yelling "GET DRESSED GET BREAKFAST, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, PACK YOUR LUNCH, PACK YOUR BINDER, GET YOUR SHOES ON HURRY UP" ENDS!!!!!!!!!!

worried as to what to do for child care as school has ended. how to keep the occupied, interested and safe.

the month of june seems to be one i wish and waste away. lack of giving a shit weather i get homework done or not. wishing for warmer days. hoping my flowers will not get frost bite!

making sure studing is done for finals........and this year mentally preparing myself to teach a 14 year old how to drive.

looking forward to holidays, rest, lazy days...........and realizing i will have 3 kids home that almost always makes this challanging.

june is a month similar to december also when it comes to end of the year stuff. instead of christmas concerts it is spring flings, field trips, operas this year, baseball tournaments, reportcards, relay for life, braces,

all the kids are on countdowns at this time of year, they are as done as we are with the daily never changing routines...........

maybe it is a good thing that june and december are half a year apart.